Most retires need money to supplement their limited pensions. Starting a business from home is one way to add to your retirement income.

Amazon is the world’s leading site for sellers to earn good money.

If you’ve ever thought about buying products at wholesale and selling online at retail now there’s a new online selling system that takes all the hard work out of the process for you.

  • Not sure what the ‘hot’ selling products are?
  • Don’t know where to buy at retail?
  • Unsure about negotiating prices and importing from China?
  • Don’t want to warehouse anything?
  • Need an automated sales system?

No problem!!

Now Infinii provides the solution for you.

All you do is select the products you want to sell from the list of in demand products already researched, negotiated, imported and warehoused for you.

Then set the Springboard system in action to sell for you.

It really couldn’t be easier to start buying, selling and profiting with Amazon, eBay and Google sales.

Low cost of entry, hundreds of products to choose from, full training videos and customer support to guide you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sold online before or if you are a “pro”. Now there’s no mre highcost of research, importing, warehousing to deal with.

Check out the INFINII VIDEO here.





How to avoid running out of money in retirement

The article below from the UK highlights the difficulties being faced by men and women who are close to retiring or who have already retired.

Contact me: ken @ if you would like to talk with me about how I turned my retirement shortfall into a growing account with over $141,000 in less than a year.


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How Much Money To Retire?

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How Much Money To Retire?

The prospect of retiring can be stressful. You may be retired earlier than you wanted and may not have enough money to sustain the lifestyle to which you’ve been accustomed.

Moving to a fixed income often means living on less money.

Pensions don’t typically provide you with the money you’ve lived on in the past.

But there are ways you can supplement and boost your retirement income.

At age 62 I had to face a $50,000 a year reduction in my salary because of the economic situation in the company I worked for.

I had 2 week’s notice of this and as you can imagine it completely turned my finances upside down.

I had to do something dramatic to replace this lost income.

I chose to take a portion of my retirement savings in my IRA and invest this more aggressively.

This is NOT a recommendation to you. All investments include risk of loss.

This is an informational post simply reporting what worked for me. I am happy to talk to you about the risks and rewards of what I’ve done.

You have to decide for yourself what is right for you.

In my case, I chose to invest in options trading. I opened four accounts to make sure I had some diversity of account management because I had no track record to go on with the traders I chose to work with.

One account lost all the money I invested. The broker “Brokerage Capital” simply closed down and $14,000 evaporated from my account.

But three accounts have done well and I am significantly in profit.

One account is now being traded daily with $500 trades and has a six month record (May to November 2015) of over 70% successful trades. This is enough to grow the account.

I started this account with $1500.,tested the waters for a period and with success I increased my deposit first to $15,000, then later after more success to $25,000.

As of November 30, 2105, this account is at $141,406.

how much money to retire

Now understand, this money is NOT instantly available for withdrawal. In the next few posts I’ll talk more about the lessons I’ve learned about how options trading managers work – but don’t always tell you the “rules” upfront.

Now I am more confident about getting back the money I lost and I can get back on track with building up how much money to retire in a year or two from now.

Contact me: ken @ if you would like to learn more about the managed account I use.





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Retirement Age

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What Is Full Retirement Age?

Retirement age is an old idea, the notion of stopping employment from a job when you reach a certain “magic age”.

It used to be that 65 years old was the typical retirement age, but this arbitrary number was first set when most people were not expected to live beyond age 65.

And the idea of paying a retirement pension either by the Government or an employer was never expected to have to pay out for a period of 20, 25 or even more years after that “normal” or full retirement age.

Little wonder therefore that employers have switched from paying a set pension to a defined benefits approach where the payments are not so open-ended on the the employer and usually much reduced for the retired employee.

All this means that the fixed incomes most retired people have to live on are woefully inadequate and result in a significant loss in lifestyle and quality of life in retirement.

In our Early Retirement Age publication here we strive be entertaining, inspiring and hopefully educating you on ways to not just survive, but even thrive in retirement.

We are not trained pension or investment advisers, just baby boomer retirement prospects who are facing the same situation as you.  Look ahead with us and let’s examine the prospect of what to do after traditional work ends.

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